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Embrace the (enterprise) AI revolution!

Overcome the barriers that are preventing your business from leveraging the latest wave of Large Language Models (LLMs)

Private and Secure

Validated Outputs

Custom Controls

Unlock the Potential of Large Language Models

Prediction Guard is an enterprise software company that allows you to seamlessly integrate private, controlled, and compliant Large Language Models (LLM) functionality. We help you control output structure, prevent hallucinations, institute governance, and ensure compliance, while still delighting customers with magical AI features.


Control LLM output

Our platform lets you enforce structure (e.g., valid JSON) and types (integer, float, boolean, etc.) on the output of the latest and greatest LLMs.


Overcome model privacy issues

We don't store the data in prompts and we can host your models privately.  Delight your customers AND your corporate counsel.


Integrate and ensemble the SOTA

We let you easily swap between the latest models (Falcon, MPT, Nous-Hermes, WizardCoder, etc.) and ensemble them via a consistent, OpenAI-like, API.

Copy of ensemble.png

Integrate popular frameworks

Take your applications to the next level by combining Prediction Guard with frameworks like LangChain via officially supported integrations.


Consistent, structured output from AI systems that you control

Are your engineers complaining about inconsistent, unreliable AI outputs? Are your legal, finance, or security teams nervous about LLMs due to hallucinations, cost, lack of compliance, leaked IP/PII, and “injection” vulnerabilities?

We think that you should get consistent, structured output from AI systems within your control (and without crazy implementation/ hosting costs)

Created by a trusted AI practitioner

Daniel Whitenack (aka Data Dan), the founder of Prediction Guard, has spent over 10 years developing and deploying machine learning and AI systems in industry. He built data teams at two startups and at a 4000+ person international NGO, consulted with and trained practitioners at Mozilla, The New York Times, and IKEA, and hosted over 200 episodes of the Practical AI podcast with AI luminaries. He built Prediction Guard to solve real pain points faced by AI developers, such that generative AI can create enterprise value.


Partnering with enterprise leaders


Among other key strategic partnerships, Prediction Guard is part of Intel®'s LiftOff program for startups. We are working directly with Intel® software engineers to optimize and scale our models and API. We want to be at the forefront of compute, such that you can unleash the full capabilities of LLMs in enterprise environments. Intel® leads the way in terms of security and performance, and this partnership is giving us the ability to sustain long-term growth and scaling.

Loved by enterprise AI practitioners!

"Overall, I must tell you that PG reduces coding overheads drastically."

Shirish Hirekodi, Technical Manager at CVC Networks

"Our team used Prediction Guard to process email data for a new e-commerce offer planning model. This resulted in $146k of additional sales this month!"

Tori McQuinn

Senior Customer Engagement Director at Antique Candle Co.®

Ben Brame

Founder and CEO at Contango

"Prediction Guard has built something that solves the main problem I have had working with language models."

Ready to Seamlessly Integrate Large Language Models?

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