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Overcome the barriers that are preventing your business from leveraging the latest wave of Large Language Models (LLMs)

Overcome the barriers that are preventing your business from leveraging the latest wave of Large Language Models (LLMs)

Lead your company into the AI-driven future!

The project envisions a human-in-the-loop approach for efficient medical form-filling, combining retrieval-augmented outputs with Prediction Guard's factual consistency score.

Emory University students use Prediction Guard and LanceDB to de-risk LLMs for Healthcare use cases

Unlock the Potential of Large Language Models

Prediction Guard allows you to seamlessly integrate private, controlled, and compliant Large Language Models (LLM) functionality. In addition to providing a scalable LLM API, we enable you to prevent hallucinations, institute governance, and ensure compliance (all while delighting customers with magical AI features).

Privately Hosted Models

Controls for LLM Output

Compliant Deployment (HIPAA, etc.)

SOTA LLMs (Llama 2, Mistral, WizardCoder, etc.)

Integrations with LangChain, LlamaIndex, etc.

Easy-to-use API for AI/ Prompt Engineering

Among other key strategic partnerships, Prediction Guard is part of Intel®'s LiftOff program for startups. We want to be at the forefront of security and performance, and this partnership gives us the ability to sustain long-term growth and scaling.

Partnered with Intel®

Highlighted in Intel® CTO Greg Lavender's keynote at the recent Intel® Innovation event. Greg demonstrated how we validate Language Model (LLM) outputs and scale LLM usage on Intel®'s Gaudi2 processors.

Featured by Industry Leaders

Consistent, structured output from AI systems that you control

Are your engineers complaining about inconsistent, unreliable AI outputs? Are your legal, finance, or security teams nervous about LLMs due to hallucinations, cost, lack of compliance, leaked IP/PII, and “injection” vulnerabilities?

We think that you should get consistent, structured output from AI systems within your control (and without crazy implementation/ hosting costs)

Loved by enterprise AI practitioners!

"Overall, I must tell you that PG reduces coding overheads drastically."

Shirish Hirekodi, Technical Manager at CVC Networks

"Our team used Prediction Guard to process email data for a new e-commerce offer planning model. This resulted in $146k of additional sales this month!"

Tori McQuinn, Marketing Director at Antique Candle Co.

"Prediction Guard has built something that solves the main problem I have had working with language models."

Ben Brame, Founder and CEO at Contango

Ready to Seamlessly Integrate Large Language Models?

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